Mobile Dog Gym Exercises Las Vegas Dogs, Even In Hot Temperatures

Las Vegas dogs are able to stay in shape year round thanks to RUN DAWG, a mobile dog gym that is designed to allow them to keep exercising even during hot weather. With one heat wave over and another on it’s way next week, Las Vegas residents are expecting to see temperatures over 110 degrees throughout next week and showing no signs of ending any time soon. During hot weather the pavement in Las Vegas can easily reach 150 degrees, far hotter than is necessary to burn paws and cause injuries when walking dogs. This is why so many Las Vegas dog owners keep their dogs inside during the summer, offering them little to no exercise. Some may try walks after dark or early in the morning, but even these can be difficult. This is why RUN DAWG Mobile Dog Gym makes so much sense. Their climate controlled van comes to customer locations and provides 30 minute workouts on non-motorized treadmills called “slatmills.” These pieces of equipment are powered by the dog as they walk forward, causing a belt to move under their feet. This makes the dog “walk in place,” which allows them to walk or run long distances in a completely controlled environment. This safe and fun method of working out your dog allows them to burn of the extra energy that makes so many dogs difficult to deal with and destructive, and also helps overweight dogs lose the extra pounds. Even though having the ability to provide exercise in 100 degree weather is the most obvious reason the service makes sense in Las Vegas, keeping dogs fit and healthy year round is the true goal. As we have gained weight as a society and become more sedentary and unhealthy, our dogs have followed us down that path. For dogs to live their best lives, they need continual exercise and stimulation. RUN DAWG Mobile Dog Gym is hoping that dogs and their owners as well will start thinking more about the health and well being of their animals. RUN DAWG can be reached at their website or by phone at 702–857–5755.

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