RUN DAWG Mobile Dog Gym Beats The Las Vegas Heat

As the temperatures rise in Las Vegas, more and more dog owners are getting up earlier or staying up later just to walk their dogs. With temperatures over 100 degrees even at night, it isn’t safe to walk your dog after around 8 in the morning or before 10 at night. Most dog owners are unable to keep these kinds of hours just to give their dog a walk, and as a result thousands of dogs are being kept inside, without any exercise at all. One of the main reasons that dogs are abandoned at shelters is for destructive behavior, and most destructive behavior is due to lack of exercise. RUN DAWG is Las Vegas’ alternative to not exercising your dog in the summer heat, providing a climate controlled mobile van that comes to customer locations, outfitted with non-motorized treadmills. The dogs are able to walk or run fully supervised on the treadmills for 30 minute sessions, sometimes going as much as 20 miles during that time period. Most dogs will walk around 3 miles during a session once they are used to the process. Because of the slight incline that the treadmills provide, this is like walking 3 miles uphill. The workout is not only a great way to give your dogs exercise in the heat, but also a way to keep them in shape all year long. Walking on an inclined surface helps to build up the back legs and assists to increase cardiac and lung functions.

RUN DAWG Mobile Dog Gym launched this month in Las Vegas, and has already seen a tremendous amount of interest from the local community. Dog owners who are interested in giving their dog the best life possible are using the service the same way humans use a gym membership with a personal trainer. Helping with weight loss and digestion issues, destructive and aggressive behavior as well as muscle toning and stamina building, RUN DAWG is giving Las Vegas dogs the best workout possible.



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